What does it take to help a student fall in love with reading and writing?

A Gocio superhero

Come see Gocio Elementary School, where multiple YEA Arts projects continue to prove effective in enhancing learning. Following the success of last year’s student authored book on antibullying, Gocio 2nd graders wrote and illustrated their sequel, The Heroes of Gocio 2. The students identified what they are doing to help people using their own super powers. As an example, Oscar wrote,” I’m special because I’m good at helping people read stuff that people don’t know how to read.” The kids’ stories and art were printed into the class book and given to each child along with a sketchbook donated by the Ringling student-artist to continue to draw over the summer.


The 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade reading improvement class at Gocio used collage to make StoryBoarding Puzzle Pieces to help students learn to sequence the story events and deepen their comprehension. While reading the storyboards snaking across the classroom floor, each student exhibited a greater understanding of the story elements.

Creating Florida Creatures

Other Gocio projects were Recycling Posters, promoting environmental awareness and a Historical Study of Florida Seminoles, in 4th grade state history.

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