The vision for this project is a single, interactive sculpture from individual works, thus uniting the students through art. A freestanding, outdoor sculpture now showcases the art club and holds a special, unique meaning to the school.

Under the direction of a sculpture artist from Ringling College, the students applied the art elements and principles of design to a 3-d form while simultaneously learning about famous sculpture artists.

Every student in art club was given a board to paint and create as they wished. Starting with mock-up designs that were duplicated on plywood with paint, each board is unique to its individual student.

Finally, the plywood boards were connected to form a large outdoor sculpture for their campus. This project gave the students the freedom to express themselves and showed them the value of everyone’s contribution to the final piece.

  • Timeframe: September 2008 – May 2009
  • Kids Served: 10 Art Club Students
  • Facilitated by: Christine Faulkner, 1st year Computer Animation Student
  • Project Partners: Gocio Elementary School
  • Project Sponsors: Ringling College of Art and Design

Feedback for this Project

“I wish I were given this opportunity in my early education, so I want to help these kids out.”
– Christine Faulkner, Student Ringling College

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