Art Awareness, Expression & Communication – Oak Park School, various grades. The main objective of these projects is to nurture the kids’ development in artmaking, educate their awareness of art relating to everyday life and bring them to a better understanding of how they can express themselves freely in art.

Magazine/book: Create a media product through the integration of art with self-expression. The goal is to give each kid the opportunity to express everything they do not want to express through physical means.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (3Rs): Create sculptures of nature using recycled plastic and paper to create awareness of actions needed to save the environment and make the earth greener.

Sign Language Song: This project will give the kids the opportunities to communicate with the people around them in a new way, thus benefiting from better communication through visual language.

Paint Mess: Working on carpet-sized paper, the kids will be able to explore through the mess and feel of paint. The kids will have the opportunity to express themselves freely and creatively and understand that everyone is an artist.

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