Deborah Stuart’s early learning professional development workshop on January 18th produced a cacophony of sounds as 50 teachers from seven Children First locations learned how to enhance pre-literacy and emerging readers’ skills through songs, chants, rhythm and simple instruments.

Deborah’s WORDS AND MUSIC workshop, based on her book  Start  with the Arts, showed how to incorporated simple music into early literacy learning.  Playing childhood tunes on her autoharp, Deborah’s approach was teacher friendly, fun and quick to learn. To demonstrate the ease of making instruments, Deborah pulled out her bag of “fun” stuff and each teacher made a shaker from plastic Easter eggs, oatmeal containers and paper tubes filled with various items.

To reinforce the learning Deb visited a classroom in one of three north county locations to show the teacher the interactions of the music with the three and four year old children.

YEA Arts focus will continue in the fall with a workshop tying the Children First pre-K teachers to the kindergarten and first grade schools.

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