Based on Start With The Arts, this program will look at simple but effective ways to engage pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade children in the excitement of words, books, and self-expression. It is designed to show the effective links arts bring to learning in fostering language and literacy skills and provides a more creative and diverse environment in which all children can succeed.

Teacher Professional Development Workshop (Fall 2011) presented by Deb Stuart, national teaching artist and author in Early Childhood Literacy training.

Words and Music: enhancing pre-literacy and emerging readers’ skills through songs, chants, rhythm and simple instruments.

Teachers in pre-school and early elementary classrooms naturally use music and singing as part of their day. This workshop is designed to offer teachers more ways to integrate music into existing language arts lessons and activities. Using songs and simple homemade and rhythm instruments, this workshop will provide creative ways to promote language and pre-literacy skills and to make books come alive in early learning settings. Singing games are also an effective tool for social learning.

This workshop will be repeated in a ‘teaching artist to teaching artist’ variation for the Ringling students to show them the connections their art making makes to the pre- literacy learning of these young children and provide the Ringling students with strategies to engage all learning styles.

Art in the Classroom (Fall 2011): Ringling College of Art + Design student artists will be utilized for a art in the classroom residency program.

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